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Who is CAST Services?

CAST Services is a consulting firm with partners and advisors from both across the residential real estate sector and from outside industries. CAST’s main purpose is to serve as a catalyst for change in residential real estate by equipping real estate teams and agents with experts and services that allow them to compete directly against larger companies and interests that seek to invalidate and/or replace real estate agents as a part of the residential home transaction.

What does CAST stand for?

CAST stands for your ability to punch above your weight-class. With a team of industry-leading experts at your back, you can ask real and direct questions, have discourse about the polarizing challenges facing our industry, and get access to cutting-edge research, data aggregation, and team and business best-practices across multiple industries and vertical markets.

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The Changing Industry

At CAST, we believe the residential real estate industry is in a critical state of flux. Consumer behaviors are changing, new offerings are being introduced to the market (instant offers and referral fees where leads used to be sold), billions of dollars of investment capital are being injected into the industry, innovators are trying to disrupt nearly every piece of the transaction, and some real estate brokerages are now playing with removing the agent entirely.

In the midst of this change, we believe the agents and teams that have traditionally led and transacted the vast majority of the industry should have strong and vocal leadership that is not afraid of change, but encourages it, and equips the same agents and teams with the tools they need to not only compete, but create the new norm for the real estate consumer and transaction.


What We Believe

CAST believes that the average residential real estate agent and team is under assault; We believe consumers deserve more, that real estate professionals need to be empowered with the tools to raise their game (increase their seriousness in execution and excellence in their profession), and the industry needs to be respected (whether for the first time, or again).

We believe that the real estate industry is now a war for relationships, not leads – that those who constantly strive for and prioritize delivering real value to their clients will ultimately win, but only if they master the disciplines that outsiders are bringing to the fight (expert systems, leadership, data analytics, different profit centers, etc.). There is value in an expert human being providing real estate services – but that value must be delivered every day in the homeownership journey, not just during the transaction.

Areas of Expertise

CRM Audits

We have completed hundreds of lead, CRM, and business audits in the residential real estate sector; we intimately understand what systems and follow-up practices should look like.

Web Audits

By understanding over 100 markets of digital analytics and data, we can make highly educated recommendations for digital marketing, messaging, placement, web design and A/B testing, and lead/customer funnels.


At CAST we believe that there is a vacuum of scholarly articles and research into areas that can directly improve real estate agent and team productivity and chances of success. This is why we are currently involved in multiple scholarly research studies and white papers for the residential real estate industry including CRM and nurture follow-up best practices, search engine optimization, ground-up CRM installation and team turn-around, and VR in the residential real estate space.

Our Team

We are experts in digital advertising, marketing, operations, sales scripting and pipeline management. We have years of classroom business education combined with decades of real world experience. We have highly decorated salespeople, Google certified partners, MBAs, former CEOs and military operational gurus working for our clients.

As a team of experienced real estate, technology, sales and digital advertising experts, we are well networked with top consultants and advisors nationwide.

Meet the Team

  • Chris Tamm

    Senior Consultant and Founder

    Chris is a high-performing sales, marketing and systems consultant with a focus on growth and scaling. He is an MBA who’s specialties include Systems Architecture and Design, Database Design and Implementation, Customer Lifecycle Management, Sales Management and Executive Leadership Training, Project Design and Implementation, Auditing and EVMS. Chris has over 20 years of business management and leadership experience with 10+ years as a serial CEO and entrepreneur. When he’s not helping others grow their businesses, you’ll find him hiking, rock climbing or spending quality time with his family.

  • Adam Hebener

    President/Managing Partner, Modern Mortgage LLC

    After 2 decades as one of Denver’s top producing originators and mortgage industry executives, Adam Hebener lives a life of gratitude. He is a sought after industry expert, speaker and coach as well as the co-founder and owner of Modern Mortgage, LLC, a new and disruptive force for good in the Denver mortgage world. In addition to his work in the real estate and lending industry, Adam is the father of 3 little boys and the husband of an out-of-his-league woman. Adam brings an insight and enthusiasm to each of his endeavors and a contagious attitude that has attracted some of the industry’s top players as team members.

  • Matt Hudson

    Founder & CEO, Colorado Home Realty

    Matt is dedicated to surrounding himself personally and professionally with people who want to live big, dream big, act big, and profoundly impact the lives of others. He has been hired by banks, management consulting firms, private equity and venture capital firms, mortgage companies and title companies nationwide to assess business development performance and create strategies and training to affect change. After years as a top producing real estate and mortgage professional, Matt founded CHR with a vision and desire to change the real estate industry by creating a company that stands for excellence, culture, world class experiences and to be a model of what is possible.

  • Landon Smith

    Owner, The Landon Team

    Landon operates a real estate team in CO, one in TX, and is a builder in TX. Providing exceptional customer service is always at the forefront of Landon’s business and serves as a hallmark on how he approaches his job as a Realtor. Unlike some agents, Landon and his team don’t believe in the hard sell approach and understand that his clients would much rather be presented with options that will best fit their needs in the long run. His team specializes in all aspects of residential real estate, and adding to their expertise is a mastery of contract negotiation skills, extensive market knowledge, and an ability to deliver on promises that come from serving their clients in the field, and their own personal experiences in the real estate market.



Chris is one of the most effective and competent CEO’s and people-managers I have ever had the privilege of working for or with. He is brilliant, an outstanding visionary, and implementer as well as teacher. Chris has my unqualified recommendation!

Chris is one of the most humble CEO’s I have known. He keeps track of his priorities and understands how to manage in a resource constrained environment. Chris understands his clients’ needs first hand and his leadership in the architecture and design of his system has created an elegant solution.

Chris is an incredibly talented visionary and leader. Under his direction he has massively grown two successful businesses, one of which I am proud to be an investor in. In fact if it was not for my confidence in his abilities and proven track record for leading and driving exponential growth I would not have made the investment. He is a trend maker worth witnessing and supporting.

I can’t say enough about Chris and his team. They are the real deal. Intelligent, forward thinking, strategic, experienced and knowledgeable. I also think they are delightful to work with. I genuinely enjoy their company and interacting with them.

I really appreciate the hand-on approach that Chris and his team take with consulting. There are myriad real estate coaches, trainers, and consultants who like to tell you how to do it. These guys actually roll up their sleeves and help you with the heavy lifting in all aspects of the business.

I don’t know where I’d be without Chris and his team. I never looked at my numbers, just ran my business month to month. I now have information I need right at my fingertips, delivered to me by my team. I’ve had fewer sleepless nights because of Chris.

Chris and his team have taken our digital marketing game to a whole new level. They brought out of the box ideas and implementation strategies which have proved phenomenally successful.

Chris and his team have completely turned around our business. We now have leadership bought into a defined vision, delegation of responsibility and a plan to stick to.

Real Estate Team Coaching

Structure and Organization

  • Advanced modeling – think budget on steroids
  • Organizational structure
  • Marketing needs analysis and implementation
  • Technology assessment and efficiency plan
  • Lead distribution strategy and design

Real Estate & Technology Business Coaching

Analysis and Execution

  • Analysis of current systems for gaps in data, accountability, transparency and efficiency
  • Recommend and implement website, CRM, telephone, accounting systems and software


  • Leadership mentorship and training to build an attractive culture
  • Implementation of reporting and analytics
  • P & L analysis
  • Delegation of duties
  • Downsizing

Change Management

  • Leadership and staff transitions
  • Expectations management
  • Pre and post-change audit

Sales & Marketing Audit

Marketing Plans and Pipeline

  • Pipeline review designed to identify if prescribed follow up procedures are being executed at the 7 day, 30 day, 365 day and 730 day marks
  • Review of marketing plan for all client stages from lead to past client


  • Campaign Creation
  • Implementation of Standards for Statuses, Action Plans, and Campaigns

Sales and Scripting Process

  • Customized touch plans and follow up plans based on size and scale of organization
  • Script design and roleplaying

Analyzing Conversions

  • Thorough review of successful conversions to draw conclusions and design follow up plans and scripts for optimal lead conversion

Scientific & Academic Research

Data-Backed Studies and Proven Research

  • Best practices, conversion techniques, and next generation marketing methods
  • Teams made up of multiple industry leading PhDs, Deans of top colleges, and our own internal research groups
  • Recent, impactful, and actionable real estate intelligence
  • We prove what works and show you why
  • Studies commissioned for our clients to dive deep into an issue and become the absolute authority on a subject

Technology Research and Development

Leveraging New Tech

  • Multiple founders of tech companies on our team
  • Heavy investment into R&D to bring our clients the most cutting-edge technology and delivery methods
  • Virtual Reality viewing rooms with networked family experiences – we show you your new life, not just your new home.
  • Remote Drone Tours for high dollar homes – experience a destination home in real time, through VR or a multi-sensory display with live feed drone capture.
  • And much, much more

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